Members of TWU Local 239 in Augusta, GA, who operate school buses for the Richmond County Board of Education, are experiencing a variety of health issues that they believe are related to the worksite where they park and maintain their school buses. Bus operators, monitors and mechanics report continued illnesses including upper respiratory infections, dizziness, headaches and nausea. There is also a high incidence of strokes, heart attacks, and in some cases, premature deaths among the work group.

These dire health symptoms began after the Board of Education relocated the school bus depot in 2010. Reportedly, members who transferred from the old facility to the new one – and new hires – noticed the changes in their health immediately upon starting to work from the new location. Operators who quit or retired from the job reported that their symptoms cleared after no longer working at the toxic bus depot.


It is  believed that the bus depot is contaminated by toxic or hazardous waste left behind by the previous occupants, a military site for disposing of toxic agents and inventory.  Previous efforts by these workers to launch an OSHA investigation of the site have been unsuccessful, as the agency does not have regulatory authority of the depot property. Workers are deeply concerned about a possible link between these toxic health conditions and the well documented contamination of the Hyde Park community, ravaged by industrial waste for decades and located just down the road from the school bus depot.


TWU Local 239 members want and deserved honest and transparent answers to their life and death questions about toxins and contamination at their work site NOW!